Property Preservation

Our Property Preservation and Mortgage Field Service Inspections provide a full range of regulatory-compliant residential inspection services tailored to each client’s operating needs and business goals. As a professional field service vendor we combine experience with the practical insight and expertise needed to complete each job in a timely and cost-effective manner, consistent with applicable investor/insurer guidelines. 


Performed after initial property securing, Homeowner Solutions of Alaska’s interior inspection services are structured to comply with investor/insurer guidelines. We conduct a visual “walk-through” to identify problems such roof leaks, interior damage, safety hazards and visible infestations which, if not immediately addressed, can lead to further costly repairs. Interior inspections are completed and documented monthly, or as requested by the client.



Homeowner Solutions of Alaska’s exterior inspection services verify occupancy status, determine exterior property condition, and alert the client to any problems that may compromise asset value. We identify and document missing or damaged siding, structural damage, overgrown grass and debris, as well as broken windows/doors and other security problems. Posted citations and for-sale signs are also noted. Supporting photos are provided, as appropriate.

Tailored to client business goals, our exterior inspections support:
• Occupancy verification
• Secondary mortgages
• Reverse mortgages
• Trust administration
• Real property valuation
• Structural damage documentation
• Debris/dumping/hazard materials documentation
• Foreclosures / Bankruptcies



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